Octopus Fire Door™

Octopus Fire Door™

[edgtf_elements_holder holder_full_height=”no” number_of_columns=”one-column” switch_to_one_column=”” alignment_one_column=””][edgtf_elements_holder_item item_padding=”0 5% 68px 5%”][edgtf_custom_font title_tag=”” font_weight=”300″ font_style=”” text_transform=”” text_decoration=”” text_align=”center” title=”The ‘Octopus Fire Door System’ is in compliance with MS 1073: PART 3: 1996 (Amd 1:2003). Its full range of fire door-sets is licensed by SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd. In addition, it is also approved and certified by the Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia, also known as BOMBA. The fire door-sets that are supplied have a 2-year product warranty against manufacturer defects.” font_family=”Roboto” color=”#777777″ font_size=”21″ line_height=”38″][/edgtf_elements_holder_item][/edgtf_elements_holder]
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Specification Available

[edgtf_accordion style=”toggle” layout=”simple” custom_class=”octo-single-option”][edgtf_accordion_tab title=”Door Style”]
  • Single Leaf
  • Double Leaf
[/edgtf_accordion_tab][edgtf_accordion_tab title=”Core Type”]
  • Solid Core 1 hour rated door sets complete with fire door leaf 48mm thick BBCC plywood.
  • Solid Core 2 hour rated door sets complete with fire door leaf 51mm thick BBCC plywood.
  • Solid Core 30 min rated door sets complete with fire door leaf 38mm thick BBCC plywood.
[/edgtf_accordion_tab][edgtf_accordion_tab title=”Frame Type”]
  • Metal Frame (140 x 65 x 1.2mm)
  • Timber Frame (140 x 60mm)

Octopus Marketing Sdn Bhd is a rapidly growing fire door core-base manufacturing company, providing complete door solutions from design to manufacturing since 2012. With expertise in fire resistant door core manufacturing, the company offers the finest quality of fire rated door sets that are tested, approved, and compliant with the latest Malaysia Standard, MS 1073: PART 3: 1996 (AMD:2003).

We are a leading door manufacturer with a dedication to full-service spectrum, including design specification, project management, quality manufacturing, expert installation commission, and after-sales warranty check-up. The company's commitment to offering end-to-end door solutions has helped it become one of the most comprehensive total door solution providers globally.